By day a successful Analyst.....By night I give back and help doing what I love - teaching Mathematics.

Lost, frustrated and believe you carry a gene which makes it impossible for you to understand math? I'VE BEEN THERE! I *hated* math, felt frustrated, lost and just thought I could never do it. That was until one of my teachers, Mrs. Fairbanks, took time to help me and I finally saw the light. I always said I would pay her back by helping other students so here I am!



I have tutored for many years, taught mathematics both at the university and community college level and now I would like to reach out to more students! My hopes of doing so will be through this website, which is a work in progress (please bare with me!). Starting September 2013 I will start blogging on two of the most important subjects in mathematics - Algebra and Geometry. People always ask me why those subjects? Well simply put, I have tutored many advanced subjects in mathematics and repeatedly I see the students struggling because of poor knowledge of Algebra and Geometry. Algebra and Geometry are the building blocks of more advanced subjects and not understanding them throughly will make it very hard as you continue any technical studies.

So without further ado lets get down to it! Feel free to post in the forum or send me a private email and do check back for real life problems where I show you, YES you can use what you are learning!